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Harry Pretorius has practised continuously as an attorney and senior partner in partnership and in his own practice from 1977 in both Pietermaritzburg and Pretoria, and still practises as such as Harry Pretorius Attorney in Centurion, Pretoria.

Harry Pretorius can be instructed as attorney and also appears as advocate in the High Courts of South Africa.

Harry Pretorius specializes in litigation and only litigation.

His special field of interest is High Court Litigation, however any matter of concern to you is of concern to him.
Arrangements can be made with him for a free first consultation to obtain an opinion on your prospects of success and the way forward for your needs.

Phone him now in person for an appointment during or after hours at Centurion.
Call Harry Pretorius on his Direct Line 074 102 1365


At this time of the Covid-19 infection, many clients seeking legal assistance are perturbed about trying to contact an attorney who is no longer in his office because of the lockdown regulations.

With attorney Harry Pretorius this is quite different as for the past twenty five years he has always worked from his home where he has a fully   equipped office.

Therefore, the lockdown does not pose a problem because he will be seeing you at his home and he is willing to work within the parameters of the ‘hard’ lockdown regulations.

Harry Pretorius is able to have your first free consultation with him via Skype and all you need do is phone him on his cell phone to set up a convenient time.

After this consultation, if he feels your matter is urgent, he will apply to the authorities for a relaxation of the Covid-19 regulations, to enable you to travel to his home office in Eldoraigne for further face-to-face consultations.

If it is not urgent, and face-to-face consultations are not possible, the legal work can still be undertaken and proceeded with as Harry Pretorius will be prepared to handle all necessary consultations with you and witnesses et cetera via Skype.

Should your matter be about to be heard in court and it is essential in nature then you can also instruct him on his cell phone and he will be in a position to arrange with the court to represent you immediately in court.

Many legal clients are also perturbed about the danger of contracting Covid-19 when consulting an attorney in a large business center and having to navigate public parking, a receptionist, legal secretary, other clients in a waiting room, an articled clerk and advocate as well as seeing the attorney, however, seeing Harry Pretorius at his home office, will involve safe parking being provided with you interacting with HIM AND HIM ONLY, and adhering to the STRICT practice of social distancing, using  face masks and sanitisers which will be supplied.

Harry Pretorius regrets with compassion and commiserations every single death that has resulted from the Covid-19 virus but at least feels that his way of practising law will go some way towards better attorney and client relations and also reduce the spread of the virus.