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Harry Pretorius has over 35 years of experience in private practice as an attorney, specializing in intricate litigation and represents you personally as attorney and appears for you also as your advocate in all the Provincial High Courts, the Supreme Court of Appeal, and the Constitutional Court.

Harry Pretorius specialises in complicated High Court Litigation and has litigated numerous cases in the High Court in both criminal and civil trials in his capacity as an attorney, acting in court also as advocate, handling complicated litigation of a high calibre, including murder trials and commercial litigation for companies, factories and businesses where the claims and counter claims have run into millions of rands.

As a result he is well known and respected by judges, colleagues and prosecutors as a senior and competent litigator in the High Court and has often sat as a judge’s assessor in the High Court.  

Harry Pretorius has had extensive commercial litigation experience and has been involved in numerous urgent commercial High Court Applications, appearing as advocate to obtain the orders and control the search and seizure operations in conjunction with investigators and computer experts to obtain illicitly gained intellectual property, documentation, goods and information stored on computer.

There is a plethora of successful High Court cases that he has handled, acting in his capacity as attorney and in conjunction appearing simultaneously as advocate against full legal teams of attorneys, advocates and senior advocates.  These cases cannot be discussed here, but if you ever get the opportunity to have a chat with Harry this will reveal details of some really intriguing cases.

Harry Pretorius is a unique, passionate senior litigator with a maverick nature that does not rest until injustice is defeated.

He is called by Zulu clients PELE PELE – “Hot like Chilies”; affectionately by his Boeremag clients as OOM HARRY; by his English clients as SIR HARRY; by his opposition as DIRTY HARRY; and by the press as THE WONDER ADVOCATE; such is the diversity of his work, but call him what you may, make sure you call him when trouble strikes.


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