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Harry Pretorius believes that press coverage should be made to work for your clients rather than against them and attempting to avoid the press results in negative publicity which adversely impacts upon the trial.

Consequently Harry Pretorius had never been afraid to be interviewed on TV news programs, radio news programs and in newspapers and magazines regarding his cases.

He has also, where it is necessary for his case, elicited the assistance of community television programs such as Carte Blanche where for example he has taken on the government and the Eastern Cape Local Administration in court on the issue of violence in schools mandating enforced protective measures against violence in schools.

Just like Harry’s slogan, “rather for you than against you”, he believes it is better to have the press for you than against you and if the press is properly used it can influence a case in your favour and against your opponent, whoever that may be.

There are numerous press articles, photographs, television interviews and press reports on Harry’s cases.

What follows on these pages is just a smattering of press photographs featuring Harry Pretorius.
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